Superior ERC4060 60 Linear Electric Fireplace

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Multicolored flames and effortless operation are what set the Superior ERC4000 apart from the rest. This handsome linear electric fireplace is modern and unique yet low operating costs and easy installation make it an economical choice. Select amber red flames or deep blue flames or let both flutter harmoniously to create a deeper more vibrant fire. The flame and heater also operate independently allowing you full control of the look and comfort of your room. Select the Auto Mode and let the fireplace efficiently regulate the room temperature. All these features are conveniently managed with the fully functional remote control. Features: BTU: 5 000. Voltage: 110V. Fuel Type: Electric. Style: Contemporary. Aesthetics. Expansive viewing area creates a breathtaking linear design. Energy efficient LED technology with adjustable flame color. Adjustable flame height and color intensity. Comfort. 5 000-BTU heater with 110V delivers relaxing heat on demand. Ease of Operation. Full-featured remote control included for added convenience. On/Off operation heater and adjustable red and blue flames are easy to control. Auto Mode conveniently manages room temperature. Easy installation & instant operation provides no-hassle convenience. No vent required. Design Versatility. Mounts directly on the wall or can be mounted flush in the wall (flush mounting requires the heater option to be disabled). 1 Year Limited Warranty. Specifications: Framing Dimensions: 60 (W) x 4.75 (D) x 20 (H).

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