Sierra Flame Electric Fireplace WM FML 62 with 62 x 27 Black Steel Surround Overlay

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Cheap Sierra Flame Electric Fireplace WM-FML-62 with 62

Brand : Sierra Flame

Category : Electric Fireplaces

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  • Stunning Gradient Flame
  • 13 colours of surround lighting on 3 sides Black steel surround
  • 4 stage front and 4 stage internal back lighting
  • Latest LED light technology
  • Media: Himilayan Salt Sable glass

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Sierra Flame Electric Fireplace WM-FML-62 with 62 ” x 27 ” Black Steel Surround & Overlay Advantages

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Sierra Flame Electric Fireplace WM-FML-62 with 62 ” x 27 ” Black Steel Surround & Overlay Disadvantages

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Product Descriptions

Sierra Flame Electric Fireplace with 62 x 27 Black Steel Surround & overlay – WM-FML-62 Linear Electric Fireplace The Sierra Flame Flush Mount Linear WM-FML-68 electric fireplace Offers contemporary elegance in design. The WM-FML-68 electric fireplace delivers that special something ambiance to any room in your home. The life-like gradient flame dances and comes alive on a bed of Himalayan crystals or Sable fire glass all behind a steel surround and overlay that offers added dimension and an artistic element. This fireplace includes remote temperature maintenance control to keep your space warm and cozy at any time. The linear series of electric fireplaces is perfect for zone heating and can warm a space between 400 and 500 sq. ft. For further customizing of your fireplace create your own look by selecting one of the additional available custom finish overlays. FEATURES Wall mount or built in flush mount Heat is vented from the bottom of the overlay Temperature maintenance control maintains a constant temperature of 25C Stunning Gradient Flame Hard wire ready Black steel surround with overlay Latest LED light technology Remote controls included: 1 for flame/heater & 1 for backlighting Heats approx. 400-500 sq. ft. Plug on left side Included Media: Himalayan Salt & Sable fire glass Optional overlay finishes available for an additional charge

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