Hanover Vertical Electric Fireplace 19.5

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Brand : Hanover

Category : Fireplaces

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  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Vertical electric fireplace
  • Multi-color led flames over a driftwood log display
  • Curved white bezel and tempered glass surface
  • Curved display creates panoramic views of the fire
  • Adjustable color and brightness settings
  • Heating coverage:- 210 square feet

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Hanover Vertical Electric Fireplace 19.5 ” Advantages

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Hanover Vertical Electric Fireplace 19.5 ” Disadvantages

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Product Descriptions

Dazzle your guests with the decorative displays of Hanover s Fireside collection of vertical electric fireplaces. The vivid colorful flame display instantly illuminates your room and creates a warm welcoming environment. Each unit can be mounted directly on the wall eliminating floor clutter and opening up space even in small rooms. The vibrant LED display offers a variety of color options that can continuously transition through each color or you can choose to display your favorite color. The stunning Panoramic view offered by the curved tempered-glass panel is an exquisite show guaranteed to catch the attention of all your guests. This unit also features brightness adjustment so the bright flames can shine during the daylight and dim to set the mood in the evening with or without the heat running. With the convenience of a remote control you can operate this unit from anywhere in the room to suit all your comfort needs. White with Multi-Color Flame and Driftwood Log Display

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