Dimplex Revillusion 20 Inch Electric Fireplace Log Set RLG20

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  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Innovative revillusion flame technology – larger & brighter flames
  • Stunning flame effects perfectly mimic real flames
  • Uses a projected flame effect onto specially designed mirage panel
  • Heating coverage:- 400 square feet

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Dimplex Revillusion 20-Inch Electric Fireplace Log Set (RLG20) Advantages

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Dimplex Revillusion 20-Inch Electric Fireplace Log Set (RLG20) Disadvantages

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Size:20 Inches

Dimplex RLG20 revillusion 20-in electric fireplace insert/Log set energy efficient LED lighting multi-function remote for complete control over heater flame and ambient lighting

Dimplex Revillusion 20-Inch Electric Fireplace Log Set (RLG20) Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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