Amantii ZECL 26 2923 Zero Electric Fireplace

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  • Stylish and clean black glass surround
  • Advanced flame presentation with 4-stage front and back lighting
  • Latest LED light technology
  • Front and rear control for flame and heater included
  • Includes three colors of fire glass media and log set

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Amantii ZECL-26-2923 Zero Electric Fireplace Advantages

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Amantii ZECL-26-2923 Zero Electric Fireplace Disadvantages

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Product Descriptions

Amantii 26 Zero Clearance Electric Fireplace with 29 x 23 Black Glass Surround. Designed for new construction or renovation projects the Amantii ZECL-26-2923 Zero Clearance electric fireplace is an excellent alternative to gas or wood fireplaces. Quick and easy installation allows for immediate enjoyment of the state of the art flame and heating system. This electric fireplace is a perfect addition to your renovation project and once installed provides a incredibly unique and efficient way of heating a room as well as providing a worry-free ambience that you won t get from a classical fireplace. From contemporary to traditional achieve many different looks for your fireplace by using combinations of the included 3 colours of fire glass media or LED ember log set. Clean black glass surround LED ember lights in log set Hard-wire ready *Heat is vented out the top except on flush mount models where heat is vented from the face of the surround Clean black glass surround No grills 4 stage front and 4 stage internal back lighting Latest LED light technology Front and rear control for flame and heater included Approx. heating area 400 – 500 sq. ft. Plug on the left side Flame operates with or without heat Remote control for flame & heater Optional Mantle available for ZECL-30-3226 in Espresso finish Three colors of fire glass media and log set in the box

Amantii ZECL-26-2923 Zero Electric Fireplace Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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