Amantii SYM 100 XT Electric Fireplace

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  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Viewing – Glass viewing area is 18” tall with no unsightly venting visible
  • Flame Styles – Two flame style patterns – standard and more traditional – you choose!
  • FIRE & ICE Flame presentation – Choose from combinations of yellow orange blue violet & rose colored flames
  • Heater & Fan – Flame operates with or without heat perfect for zone heating
  • Ambient Canopy Lighting – Choose from 13 colors of light to illuminate decorative media from above

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Amantii SYM-100-XT Electric Fireplace Advantages

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Product Descriptions

SYM-100-XT Electric Fireplace 100 Extra Tall Clean Face Built-in with log and glass black steel surroundThe stunning SYM-100-XT electric fireplace by Amantii is taller than the SYMMETRY models and boasts our largest glass viewing area yet. Unencumbered by unsightly venting and red glowing grills the SYMMETRY-100-XT features a stunning true clean face display.New to the SYMMETRY series are two flame patterns choose from Amantii s traditional diffused flame appearance and a new realistic flame style.A Kaleidoscope of colors Featuring the vibrant Fire & Ice flame set with just a click of your remote you can easily change the flame color from blue to purple to violet to orange or yellow.FEATURESFIRE & ICE Flame presentation three light strips allow for yellow orange blue violet and rose colored flamesAmbient Canopy lighting in 13 colors to illuminate decorate media adds new dimensionApprox. heating area 400-500 sq. ft.2 Stage heaterHard wire readyThermostat hard wire readySYM-74-XT SYM-88-XT SYM-100-XT feature 2 heatersFlame can operate without heatSingle remote control for flame ambient canopy lighting & heater includedHeater is located on the inside top of the fireplace allowing the heat to cascade down over the glassHidden venting allows for a true clean face appearanceTrim is required and fireplaces come with Black SurroundExtra Height & Depth compared to SYMMETRY & SYMMETRY-BTwo Flame Patterns choose from Amantii s standard flame style and a new more traditional flame styleHassle Free Installation unit can now be installed at the end of the project with standardized sizingTouch Pad Controls

Amantii SYM-100-XT Electric Fireplace Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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