Amantii CUBE 2025WM Cube 3 Sided Electric Fireplace

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Cheap Amantii CUBE-2025WM Cube 3-Sided Electric Fireplace Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Indoor electric fireplace
  • (3) color strips offer combinations of (5) different flame colors: yellow orange rose violet and blue; Ambient canopy lighting provides (13) light colors to illuminate your decorative media from above
  • Flame operates with or without heat; Heater provides heat for up to 500 square feet of space; Includes remote control for fireplace heater flame and light
  • Includes a 6-piece log set and Sable glass media; Alternative media available separately
  • 19.625 x 11.75 x 25.25 inches (W x D x H)

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Amantii CUBE-2025WM Cube 3-Sided Electric Fireplace Advantages

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Amantii CUBE-2025WM Cube 3-Sided Electric Fireplace Disadvantages

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Product Descriptions

The Amantii 20-Inch Tru-View Cube 3-Sided Electric Fireplace provides a premium electric fireplace option to bring a more contemporary aesthetic to your ideal living space. The CUBE 3-Sided Electric Fireplace offers an innovative fire feature with unique flame presentation and fire media options. Use the included remote to combine yellow orange blue violet and rose flame colors to bring the stunning FIRE & ICE flame presentation to your home with the help of today s latest LED technology and Amantii s Ambient Canopy Lighting. The 4 800 BTU heater warms up to 500 square feet of space while the flame operates independently of the heater and fan. This fireplace is both thermostat and electrical hard-wire ready for easy installation. The Cube comes standard with a 6-piece log set and Sable glass media to help give your electric fireplace a more modern appearance. This versatile unit can be configured with a speaker base a leg base or as a wall-mount depending on your preferences. Give your home a more contemporary atmosphere with this beautiful electric fireplace from Amantii. (CUBE-2025WM)

Amantii CUBE-2025WM Cube 3-Sided Electric Fireplace Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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