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The ERT3000 electric fireplaces add the ambiance of fire easily and affordable. Soothing images of a Split Oak log set glowing ember bed and smoked-brick interior captures the feel of a real wood-burning fire. Features: BTUs: 5 000 – 10 000. Style: Traditional. Fuel Type: Electric. Voltage: 110V/220V. Aesthetics. Charred Split Oak log set and glowing ember bed image deliver an elegant fire presentation. Smoked brick pattern interior offers a weathered brick look and custom masonry realism. Adjustable flame height and ember intensity provide customizable fire presentation. Operable pull screen adds to the fireplace authenticity. Comfort. Standard 5 000 BTU heater with 110V (10 000 BTU with 220V) delivers relaxing warmth to any room environment. Ease of Operation. Full-featured remote control for added convenience. Easy access manual controls are mounted on the unit for simple operation. On/Off switch adjustable flames/ember bed and heater are easy to control. No vent required instant operation provides no-hassle convenience. Design Versatility. Available in a variety of design features and finishes to help coordinate and complement room decor. 1 Year Limited Warranty. Specifications: Overall Dimensions: 36 (W) x 14.87 (D) x 29.75 (H). Framing Dimensions: 38.75 (W) x 15.12 (D) x 32 (H).

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