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The koi wife of the sick son is full of luck

The koi wife of the sick son is full of luck

The koi wife of the sick son is full of luck

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    The koi wife of the sick son is full of luck
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    Golden wine fragrance
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2022-05-31 02:09:19
Warmth is put into an ancient sadistic article just took a painkiller and tranquilizer from the space to relieve the leg pain of the sick and weak son. From then on, the son felt that Wen Shu had a special liking for herself if it weren't for his special love, why didn't the jade Prince marry him - Wen Qingtian is wronged. She knows the plot of this sadistic article by heart as a daughter of the Wen family, she can't escape marriage in the end it's better for her to marry Xiao tingshen, a sick and frail son of a noble family, than to marry the third prince, who has a wide range of adults in Mobei. Is it good to engage in business - long after marriage, Xiao Ting held his beloved woman in his arms and said from the bottom of his heart, "love, you really have an eye." warm doubt: "how to say?" Xiao tingshen said, "I have a secret that no one has told me. Although it's impossible, I want to tell my favorite woman." I'm all ears Xiao tingshen said, "I know everything that happened in a year." warmth was stunned, and then looked at Xiao tingshen in amazement, "..." Xiao tingshen said to the warm expression, "what's your expression?" I'm warm and speechless. What should I do? I know what will happen two thousand years later. I'll say, "then you know I'll marry you?" Xiao Ting was stunned and said, "... Of course, this is an inevitable trend."

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