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Group pet AI 5000 years old

Group pet AI 5000 years old

Group pet AI 5000 years old

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    Group pet AI 5000 years old
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    Stir fried Sydney with rock sugar
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2022-06-25 07:12:39
"May I kiss you?" Ji Nian kissed Sheng Su forcibly in KTV. Then, Sheng Su was chased by a little fool all day. Sheng Su felt that most of the man had a brain problem when Sheng Su was even more surprised, he married a fool? The two somehow became a hidden marriage Ji Nian, as Kapoor's top AI, begged for Shengsu all day in order to complete his task, but a president just wanted to divorce what is the experience of AI's direct entry into the entertainment industry? Relying on its own robot and super business ability, AI is directly popular you were hacked by the whole network as soon as you made your debut president of a certain diyun: "this is my wife?" a movie queen: "this is my own daughter." a top class tutor: "no strength? This is my sister who trained herself!" a well-known fashion designer: "are you wearing a fake? I'm her big brother. Can I give it in person?" in an interview, the host asked, "what is Ji Nian's best at?" Ji Nian turned his eyes and said solemnly, "I'm so angry with Sheng Su." it's probably the story of repeatedly jumping on the edge of killing a president and begging for him every day [President Sheng Su, who is sometimes high and cold and sometimes sand sculpture, vs AI Ji Nian, who is stupid and autumn and integrates beauty and IQ]