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The sick princess is blackening

The sick princess is blackening

The sick princess is blackening

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    The sick princess is blackening
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    Gong Keke
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-06-29 12:14:04
The first thing Yuchi Lu did when he was reborn was to save Sheng Ji, the chief assistant in the heyday of his previous life, and promote him to be the head of the cabinet for his own use he bowed down to her in front of everyone, fell at her feet and whispered, "thank you for your help. I will be sent by the princess from now on." her dimple was like a flower, and the beauty mole between her eyebrows seemed to be in full bloom. Her hand stained with cardamom gently raised his chin and said, "just remember my princess. I'll be on duty in the cabinet tomorrow. I won't hold this slave in the future, only Sheng Ji of the cabinet!" she withdrew her hand and turned away arrogantly. Her bright red palace clothes swayed on the ground and could rob people from the prison guards. There was no other person in the palace more beautiful and arrogant than her Sheng Ji bowed his head until the fragrance between the wings of his nose completely dissipated. He dared to lift it up. The corners of his lips gently lifted up, and a strong anger and madness flashed between his eyebrows later, Wei Chi Lu led a wolf into the house and let a criminal slave turn over and be the master. She was so angry that she stabbed her eyes red and stepped on his shoulder and hair crazy. "The 18th County of Yanzhou and the 36th city of Taipei were fought by my father for my princess. You dare to cede land to other countries, and my county will kill you!" Sheng Ji held her fine foot and made a slight effort, so she couldn't move. She smiled and said in a low voice: "from now on, there will be no Jianping Princess Wei Chi Lu, only the first auxiliary lady Wei Chi Lu!" (old article "madam is the favorite of Lord Quan", "one child and two treasures: the chief adult is busy" Group No.: 374934356)

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