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Gao lengxian mistakenly took green tea

Gao lengxian mistakenly took green tea

Gao lengxian mistakenly took green tea

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    Gao lengxian mistakenly took green tea
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    Yu Chun
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    Cook Books
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[free full text] [sweet PET / cool text] Yuanji Jun is a god Jun who likes to read scripts, and likes to give his dog blood scripts to the immortals in the lower world one day, the leaders of jiuchongtian came down at the same time. Yuanjijun was full of spring. His multi person sadistic script was finally about to start however, due to the half hanging spell of the edge machine, the bosses' scripts are all mixed up Ling Jiu, the king of all spirits in jiuzhong heaven, dressed in purple, fans white lotus on the left and slaughters green tea on the right. He is a clever devil who plays the role of a pig and eats a tiger I accidentally went to the lower bound and took the script of the right way to kill demons and demons since then, she has never fanned the white lotus again. She has never slaughtered tea. She doesn't hear anything outside the window and is only a little Taoist she said with tears in her eyes: "brothers, I'm going to cultivate immortals." Mu Yiheng, the most handsome little God King in jiuzhong heaven, dressed in white and like jade on the street, smiled and fell in love with the city after the lower bound, he took the straw bag, and the emperor salted fish lay winning the script. He was addicted to flower wine and couldn't extricate himself one day, people paid a lot of money to eradicate this cancer of troubled times Mu Yiheng's dog head saved his life: "I'm forced by the script!" - one day, Ling Jiu met Mu Yiheng, an acquaintance in the divine world, and found that Gao Leng Xianjun seemed to have changed himself. He was sticky all day and evil in the demon unexpectedly, as early as in the divine world, xiaoshenjun, the flower of kaolin, secretly promised her and followed her to the lower world - Yuanji hugged his head and cried bitterly: what I want is a sadistic dog blood drama. What do you mean by hugging and holding hands in the lower world? I want urgent public relations script: the bosses have destroyed the script public relations and threatened to cut off your dog's head!