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Strange guy in love

Strange guy in love

Strange guy in love

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    Strange guy in love
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    Chengde 2.0
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-04-01 00:46:58
Suddenly one day I felt that life was so boring. We married like that, had children, and then ended our life do we fall in love and get married so that when the wedding host introduces the resume of the bride and groom at the wedding one day, the people at the bottom will clap their hands and say they are really worthy, but we have a person in our hearts who may miss it what I care about is that the person who matches me has his soul mate, but he is so cowardly. What I care about is that the world does not allow him to hug his soul mate, but hugs me whose soul does not belong to him in this materialistic city, I want to do things according to my heart.

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